Jennifer Thompson

Having worked at various institutions as a financial advisor for over twenty years, Jennifer now inspires people towards for wealth that is authentically self-defined. By marrying esoteric ideas of money with sound financial planning principles in investing, preparing for a legacy and dealing with debt, she helps women through one on one coaching and seminars to navigate the world of finance with the purpose of enjoying life in every sense of the word.

With a degree in English and Economics , she brings together her passion for money with her passion for writing. She has also written numerous books on finance, such as "Growing Up with Money: Raising Financially Resilient Kids in this World of Uncertainty"and "It's Never Just About the Money: Financial Wisdom from Women for Women."

Jennifer runs workshops on investing and various aspects of financial planning (estate planning, budgeting, cash management, financial transition such as widowhood and divorce).


Janet Greenwood, PhD, RN, MFT

Janet’s diverse background includes over 25 years clinical experience working with individuals and couples to achieve their relationship goals. Being a Certified Imago Relationship specialist, Dr Greenwood has worked with thousands of couples to create a conscious, passionate, lasting love. She has managed Corporate Employee Assistance Programs, providing confidential coaching to executives nationwide. She has taught graduate communication courses at Bay Area colleges and Universities; syndicated columnist; writer/producer of an award winning psychological/educational film and author of several E-books including “Rescue Your Relationship in 5 Hours: An Imago Guide for Same Sex Couples” and “Marry Me: An Imago Pre-Marital Guide for Same Sex Couples”.

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